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March 6, 2012

The ever-trendy melting pot of urban style

Urban style clothing is very hard to define. It draws on the culture of hip-hop, punk, graffiti, and break dance – all things ‘street’. Yet to say that urban style clothing is the same as street style clothing would be wrong. It has evolved to include styles as varied as non-commercialized street trends to mainstream brands fit for hip city dwellers rather than true street ruffians. Urban clothing is a direct reflection, a pulse of the beat of a city life. Hip-hop, street wear, hipster, city chick, preppy, Asian street wear trends, and more upscale, designer lines can all be categorized within the urban style clothing. The only common denominator shared by the brands and non-commercial trends of urban style sub-niches is a highly individualistic vibe.

Expression of one’s self while still representing affiliation with a certain social stratum is what a modern-day mainstream urban clothing style is about. Mixing unique, expensive designer pieces with second-hand clothes and making it look cohesive; artistically worn out, ragged garments that nevertheless do not look out of place on a fashion runway – that is more city than backstreet alleys. Urban clothing styles do not heavily rely on bold colors to make bold statements. On the contrary, the often-subdued grays, blues and greens are at the heart of an ensemble.

Robert Chai’s 2012 Love designs offer just that type of statement-making subtle sensibility that would add a perfect touch of ruggedness to a wardrobe of a stylish urbanite.
Another runway take on this city style clothing are Missoni and Etro collections for the fall of 2012. Missoni’s very wearable garments reinterpret earthiness of the 70s in the sleek urban silhouettes. Veronica Etro’s tailored looks built upon Etro’s signature paisley patterns and are a sensual, very edgy nod to the designer urban style clothing.

BCBG Max Azria offers a perfect interpretation of urban-style dresses with just the right mix of bold blocks of color, pleating, and sheer sexiness of chiffon.
On the other end of the urban style spectrum is the Asian street wear that expresses worldview of young and carefree.

Japanese harajuku and related styles are, perhaps, the most well known expression of this urban style segment, yet Korean urban fashion is in a class of its own. Distinct traits of Korean urban style clothing fashion brands are femininity and less openly provocative designs. The sex appeal of the clothes has subtlety to it that is often missing in many Japanese brands. However, these apparently sweet clothes have a disturbing undercurrent to them and can satisfy even those with darker tastes. As with most Asian trends, there is still a touch of androgynous appeal to the clothes. The colors are faithful to the urban palette, and virtually all brands use heavy layering and combine edgy elements. Korean urban fashion brands are undeniably more wearable and will appeal to a wider base of consumers than some very particular, specialized harajuku styles. The popular Korean urban clothing brands are DodoStyle, Click, BBon-J, Envy Look, Redopin, Prischyu, Daily Pink, Stylementor, Stylekelly, Pinkdiamond.

Twist-plaid dresses with lace trim, body-skimming jackets, beribboned lace tops, vintage style denim skirts, ruffled miniskirts, corky printed t-shirts are staples of the Dodostyle, Click, and BBon-J. They unmistakably focus on twenty-somethings. Envy Look and Stylementor, with slouchy cardigans, dress shirts, stylish dresses and formal wear offers well-coordinated outfits with just right dose of whimsy.

DodoStyle, Click, BBon-J, Envy Look, Redopin, Prischyu, Daily Pink, Stylementor, Stylekelly, Pinkdiamond are available for purchase through the website of online Asian fashion brand retailer, YesStyle.

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