Hippie Style Clothing

March 2, 2012

The Hippie fashion trend began in the 1960’s. But, people carried it well into the early 70’s. There were numerous events that took place in the 60’s that inspired the whole hippie movement. Woodstock is the most well known gathering. The term hippie originated from the beatniks who moved to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury area in the 60’s. They were later described as hipsters.

Hippie Inspired Fashion

The term was shortened to hippies as the years went on. The whole theory behind being a hippie was having a free spirit, being aware of nature and living life without conformity. The clothing style really represents and embodies the essence of that lifestyle. Now that we covered a brief history of the hippie origin, let’s move on to the fashion.

Dressing in the style is very simple. Certain fashion elements are a dead giveaway. The floppy hats, flower accessories, long floor length dresses, and floral fabrics are basic elements. Bell bottoms where popular amongst men and women hipsters. The hippie movement spawned the whole tie-dye trend as well as the legendary smiley face symbol. Tinted glasses, as well as jewelry with the peace sign, can tie the entire look together nicely. Hippie style clothes are usually not fitted, but can be very colorful and neutral toned. Don’t forget about denim; the more worn the better.

The whole goal for hippie style is to be natural, so go for clothing that is comfortable and loose fitting. The best stores to find hippie fashion are modcloth.com and stores in the mall like Anthropology. A good time to find hippie fashion is during spring/summer. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen were popular because of the whole ‘natural’ movement. Fabrics suited for warm weather are ideal for hippie fashion.

The best interpretation of hippie wear is to be minimalistic; less is more. It’s a style statement that is classic and easy to achieve. In order to execute proper hippie style you have to be creative and interpret it for modern day wear. It’s a culture and a worldwide movement that continues to be the origin of current styles today.

Hippie style is the basis for many mainstream fashion trends today. The Olson Twins created “Hobo Chic” which is basically hippie style but heavily layered. Bohemian Style Clothing also has a hippie inspiration. The Japanese have embodied hippie style with their street fashion. Currently their latest craze is ‘Mori Girl”. The style is very loose with earth tone clothing layered and loose fitting. The term Mori means girl who looks like she lives in the forest. Interestingly enough hippies where referred to as “flower child” and nature people.

The wonderful thing about fashion today is the ability to grab from the past to create unique style. Fashion has drastically changed over the years, but some decades stand out indefinitely. This fashion trend in particular inspired many other trends today. Hippie fashion will only get better over time; it’s classic and iconic in fashion history. This trend will continue to grown, and inspire future fashion mavens for years to come.

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